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Private Issue


Private Issue - Woman who received hair loss treatment for thinning hair.
Four years ago I found Alfieri salon, I am now 40 and feel like I can start living my life again. I can sleep in my hair, workout, and go swimming...YES, I said swimming without worrying if my hair will fall off my head. Thanks to Andy Alfieri and his staff I can finally say, being a bald women is OK. - Karen

Just Live Life!

Private Issue allows you to do just that. LIVE your life, and live it to the fullest.

Comfortable, cute, classic and fun! That is Private Issue. And the best part? All of the features that makes Private Issue one of the best hair lines for women available can be individualized to YOU.

See Private Issue for Yourself in our Photo Gallery!

You can’t look at and feel Private Issue and think wig, because it looks like you’ve just stepped out of the best hair salon in Manhattan. What makes Private Isssue Different? It is the ONLY wig line that features Cyberhair. What's so great about Cyberhair?

Wait until you feel how super lightweight Private Issue is. It is the ultimate in design, allowing you to create a wide variety of styles. Look at the pictures! Short and sassy, classic and conservative. Private Issue is a phenomenon and is right here at Alfieri.

If you're a client of another company, listen to the words of one of our satisfied clients. » Read More

Subtle colors, soft hues, shiny textures hair. Private Issue is beautiful, and it’s been specifically designed with you in mind. It is a one of a kind solution for a one of a kind you.

The attention to detail can be seen right away and you’ll experience it when your stylist and you create the look, style and cut that you’ve been hoping for. Extra care is given to insure that Private Issue is exactly what you want for your thinning hair and hair loss.

Private Issue isn’t a hair treatment or a lotion. Only the best hair restoration that gives you beautiful, one of a kind hair and is available at Alfieri. Private Issue is a superior alternative for women who are looking to not only restore their hair but confidence and beauty to their lives.

Unlike other solutions, Private Issue has no limitations. Go ahead! Swim, shower, and go out in the rain. You’ll love the instant freedom Private Issue gives you. You can live and move and have fun with confidence again! Alfieri’s exclusive access to Private Issue in New York City means you are now on your way to a confident and discrete hair solution for you.

If you have been searching, or just started searching for the right hair treatment and have found nothing but frustration or disappointment, then Alfieri is confident it has the answer for you! Call today for a very private and discreet consultation. The consultation is free and we will be happy to answer all and any questions you may have.