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Men's Hair Loss


Man who received hair loss treatment for thinning hair
Alfieri is one of the best in the business and has become an integral part of my everyday life. The thing that differentiates Alfieri from the other hair replacement centers is the personalized services that they provide. There is never any pressure to purchase their product or services and Alfieri always lets the clients choose what is best for them. - PK

Groundbreaking Hair Restoration Only Available at Alfieri

The CyberHair has a totally natural look and feel and keeps its shine with minimum conditioning. I am an avid golfer and play in the hot sun of Florida, as well as NY. The color never changes. While the style can't be changed from straight to curly, it responds very well to moisture and the Volume Boost product you gave me. I can obtain waves and movement easily. Thanks again, I am really enjoying this product. - Bob

Men’s Hair Loss – Men’s Hair Replacement


The Alfieri Difference means only the best hair restoration and hair replacement for men will do. Many of our client's are industry leaders and former clients of other companies who know what you are about to know -- the solutions for men at Alfieri are specific to you and customized to you. We offer only the best alternatives for men with thinning hair and hair loss you'll find anywhere and better than those you have been exposed to in the past.

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One thing men find refreshing when they meet with Andy Alfieri for the first time is that he doesn’t try to sell them anything. That’s not our nature at Alfieri, and it’s not Andy’s. We’re here to offer you the best and most natural solutions and to offer you a comfortable, relaxed and honest environment. We want you to get all the information you need to make the best decision for you. You won’t be “sold” anything, and you definitely aren’t sold any “programs” or “systems”. What we will show you and tell you is the truth. We may share how many of our male clients feel as if their life has changed, or how they look and feel better and younger since they allowed us to help them with a solution. We will create hair and custom design a solution for you. It’s that simple.

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If You Are a Client of a Club or Another Company
Read on and Learn About Cyberhair
Some Clients Say It's Better Than Their Own Hair

Our clients demand and receive from Alfieri a hair loss solution that is undetectable, natural, and can accommodate the demands of their lifestyle. It must look and act as if it was their own hair. That’s what Alfieri solutions for men do. We have the hair restoration solutions that you don’t see.

Just as our hair solutions are different, so is our approach to making sure your new hair maintains its shine, wave, color and style every day. The technology we can offer you today along with our Hair Care Products can give you the solution you are looking for today and everyday to come.

Alfieri hair is undetectable because you can see every hair; you can actually see your scalp. With the right solution and use of our products, the wave, pattern and color of your hair can remain the same as when you walked out our door for the first time. Many companies cannot claim this. We can because this is our standard, and this is why we have had clients for over 40 years.

We are excited about offering Cyberhair exclusively in our Manhattan office. Cyberhair meets the level of excellence you’ll find at Alfieri. The most natural looking hair you’ve ever seen that requires little or no styling.

As always, Andy Alfieri is here personally to speak and meet with you. You can call him directly at (212) 682-6888 or contact him to schedule an appointment.