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Men's Hair Loss Page Letter


Man with thinning hair who received hair loss treatment
Alfieri is one of the best in the business and has become an integral part of my everyday life. The thing that differentiates Alfieri from the other hair replacement centers is the personalized services that they provide. There is never any pressure to purchase their product or services and Alfieri always lets the clients choose what is best for them. - PK


Satisfied Client

Before finding Alfieri, I had been a client of several Hair Replacement studios/salons - (4) to be exact - in the New York City area. I may not have seen it all, but I certainly experienced enough to know to keep on searching. I was never fully at ease or comfortable at any one establishment. I was rarely satisfied, mostly disappointed, and on several occasions, downright unhappy with the results after my often costly appointments. Ultimately, I just settled for what was available. Then a friend referred me to Alfieri.

On my initial visit to the Alfieri salon, I was given the immediate and personalized attention I'd desired. I soon came to learn that attention was a standard I could depend on with them. At every other salon, I always felt I was totally on my own. My opinions, concerns and desires were not always treated with respect, let alone well-executed. At Alfieri, I'm heard and treated as an individual with individual opinions and concerns. They know their business, but trust that I, as a Client, know mine as well. They are collaborators, not know-it-alls. Andy and his staff have always worked with me to achieve my desired result. I am now always comfortable and at ease, because I know my goal is their goal also. Having been a Hair replacement-wearer for years, I know and have experienced almost all the issues that can and do arise from such a process. With every issue I've encountered, Alfieri has triumphed at what proved too often to be a challenge for other salons. From my stylist (who is also my colorist) to the Men and Women who affect repairs--their work is heads above the rest. A perfectly natural look has always been my goal in seeking successful Hair replacement, and, finally - with Alfieri - that look is achieved. Now I enjoy all the assurance and satisfaction that a full head of natural-looking hair affords me.

Hair replacement shouldn't be a burden one wears on one's shoulders or neck. Thanks to Andy and his staff, I now wear a smile.