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Women who received hair loss treatment for medical hair loss
I actually enjoyed what for most is a very stressful, embarrassing, and intimidating experience, and walked out the door looking and feeling confident and attractive. - Stephanie

Hair Loss Due to Alopecia, Chemotherapy, Radiation or Trichotillomania

I have had Alopecia Areata for 18 years and spent 14 of those years in and out of bad wigs and tacky wig boutiques. Andy and his staff are a pleasure to work with. They give me the privacy, discretion and support I need, but most importantly, they always send me home with a great product, and lots of compliments! - JM

At Alfieri, we like to think of ourselves as a helpful hand when you are facing a difficult time. Medical Conditions that result in hair loss have a double edge sword. Our hearts go out to our clients that have a condition through no fault of their own and who, at the same time, also have to deal with losing their hair.

Below is some information about what may happen under certain conditions. Every one is different, so we encourage you to call or visit so we can see how we can help. All of our consultations are private, discreet and are offered free of charge.

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When hair loss is the result of conditions such as Alopecia, that is when you will find the care and compassion of the staff at Alfieri to be just what the doctor ordered.

Many times, people are confused as to why there are areas of baldness or hair loss beginning.  Come in and see us so that we can show you what will work in your particular situation and how we can help.  Our consultations are private and discreet and you can schedule it right online or call us if you have more questions.

Often beginning in childhood, Alopecia hair loss can occur in both males and females. Early symptoms can be one or more small bald patches on the scalp. Alopecia hair loss occurs when hair follicles become very small and hair growth is stunted for months or even years.

Alopecia may occur in several different forms and stages. Alopecia areata occurs when several spots of baldness occurs on the scalp. Alopecia areata may develop into Alopecia totalis, where hair loss occurs on the entire scalp and not just in bald patches. The most severe form and the later stage of Alopecia is Alopecia universalis, which is when Alopecia spreads to the entire epidermis and individuals experience hair loss in most or all parts of their body.

If you live in the Tri-state Area and are experiencing symptoms of Alopecia or have been diagnosed with a form of Alopecia, contact Alfieri now to find the best hair loss solution and hair loss treatment for you.

Chemotherapy and Radiation

Chemotherapy treatment can damage hair follicles with a result of hair falling out in clumps when washing or styling your hair. Hair loss can also occur during the night and can vary from patient to patient. Most patients generally experience chemotherapy hair loss within the first few weeks of treatment. 

Radiation treatment that involves the scalp may cause hair loss depending upon the dosage and length of treatment. Although damage to the hair follicles may be permanent, there are hair replacement solutions and hair loss help for both women and men looking for a solution. Male Hair Loss and Female Hair Loss.

If you are experiencing or expect to experience hair loss symptoms due to chemotherapy and radiation treatment then ask Alfieri today about all of our hair loss solutions.


Trichotillomania is a surprisingly common hair loss problem that affects as many as 1 in 50 people. It is an impulse disorder that causes hair loss from people pulling out the hair located on the scalp, eyebrows and other parts of the body. This can lead to noticeable bald patches and noticeable hair loss. Trichotillomania isn’t an ordinary habit than can be easily stopped. That is because it’s a medical hair loss condition that experts think may be caused by chemical imbalances in the brain.

If you are suffering from Trichotillomania, then Alfieri, conveniently located in Manhattan, may have a solution for you. Feel free to contact us for your free and private evaluation.