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Cyberhair Women's


Woman in swimming pool who received hair loss treatment for thinning hair
Alfieri is by far the most professional and by far the best full service salon I've been to. The staff is great. - Andrea

For Active Women Who Want Great Looking Hair

Hair that's easy to manage. Hair that never loses its style or color. That is every woman's dream. And that dream can come true for you with Cyberhair.

Cyberhair is great for women with thinning hair or major hair loss who have tried other solutions such as wigs and extensions that limit one's freedom and lifestyle. And it's great for women who are just beginning to look for a solution who want to have only the best.

I feel very comfortable when I walk out onto the street after a service. I want my hair system to look and feel good and the staff makes sure that everything is great. I can fully recommend Alfieri salon because they will work with you and make sure you look and feel your best. - Andrea

With Cyberhair you can have:

  • Hair that doesn’t lose color or fade
  • A unique feature called “Memory Retention”. Your hair actually “remembers” its style, so your hair will keep the style you choose from the moment you wake up.
  • Hair that allows you to swim, shower and even defy the blast of a roller coaster ride!
  • Hair that is beautiful to the touch, and can be styled just the way you want.
  • Hair that can be highlighted, worn short, long or curly.
  • Peace of mind! Know that you can be active and have fun again without worrying about your hair.
See Cyberhair for Yourself in our Photo Gallery!

As with all Alfieri solutions, Cyberhair will look and feel like your own hair and even better. Cyberhair is a hair restoration solution for all ages of women and of any ethnicity. We are the only place in the New York City area you can find Cyberhair and we would like to invite you to come in and experience Cyberhair for yourself.

If you're a client of another company, listen to the words of one of our satisfied clients. » Read More

If you live in the Tri State area, Cyberhair may well be the hair loss solution that you have been looking for. We invite you to take advantage of our no obligation consultationtoday and look forward to meeting you and helping you start your new Cyberhair life filled with confidence, comfort and style!