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Cyberhair Men's

Man in a swimming pool, with thinning hair, who received hair loss treatment
I'm very pleased with my Cyberhair. It looks handsome and natural, and after a swim or a shampoo, it's right back into place with a few strokes of the brush. - Steve

Ground Breaking Technology

Cyberhair is a prime example of the cutting edge technology offered at Alfieri that gives men the freedom and confidence they once had. Combine that with the artistry of creating a custom hair solution for you, and the result is hair that meets the standards for Alfieri hair.

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Cyberhair is groundbreaking. It is the first hair solution that reacts, styles and looks just like your own hair. Cyberhair is for active men who are experiencing hair loss and thinning hair problems and don't want a solution getting in the way of their active lifestyle. Cyberhair can only be found in New York City at Alfieri in Manhattan. Even when Cyberhair gets wet, it reacts just like your own hair would, providing you with confidence in knowing you've found the best men's hair restoration solution there is. Cyberhair works for any stage of hair loss for men, whether you are just beginning to lose your hair, or for men that consider themselves bald and in the latest stages of hair loss.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for introducing me to the CyberHair replacements. I have been a human hair replacement wearer for decades because I felt synthetics didn't have a natural texture or movement. Unfortunately, the price I paid for that decision was constant dye jobs, reddish hues and dry hair for which I tried endless conditioners. Thank you Alfieri. The CyberHair has a totally natural look and feel and keeps its shine with minimum conditioning. I am an avid golfer and play in the hot sun of Florida, as well as NY. The color never changes. While the style can't be changed from straight to curly, it responds very well to moisture and the Volume Boost product you gave me. I can obtain waves and movement easily. Thanks again, I am really enjoying this product - Bob

What makes Cyberhair different? A special feature called Memory Retention. This means that it's easy to style and easy to maintain no matter what. With Memory Retention, Cyberhair will act like your own hair. Even when you put it to the test, whether you are scuba diving or just swimming, working out or wrestling, Cyberhair will retain your hairstyle, color and wave. Cyberhair is a hair loss solution that acts like human hair. Some say it's even better than human hair and comes as close to the texture of your hair as possible with color that just won't fade.

Look at Cyberhair for yourself then you decide.

Find out if Cyberhair is the hair loss solution that you have been looking for! Alfieri is one of New York City's best resources for hair loss solutions for men. So don't wait to have the best any longer. Contact Andy Alfieri today for your free consultation and evaluation.